Needlework has always fascinated me, especially crochet.  What wonders are created with some type of string and a hook.  The Crochet process is not only a passion but “maybe an addiction”.  It is something within that urges the creativity, makes the vision and finally is executed as my work.  When I’m working I strive not only to create something smart, stylish and simple but a work that shows the skill and care taken during the process.  I aspire to help validate crochet as an art and keep the skills alive for future generations.

Nothing gets my creative juices going than some luscious yarn (mostly cotton or wool) bright vibrant colors or dark tonal shades.  When starting something new, I think in shapes, like squares, rectangles, circles or maybe take apart a flower and look at how it is constructed.  I study the birds that come to the feeder on my patio and visually dissect their body shapes.  I envision the finished work and plan backwards, for instance if I want to add a flower I must plan for placement and crochet accordingly.  Then, I take hook and yarn in hand and start to develop my work.  I like basic construction with always a bit of flare.

Crochet started my journey into working with fiber.  I know how to work with different mediums but I always gravitate back to crochet, my first love.  It is how I express my creativity best.  My current work is more fluid and more vibrant than my prior work. I’m concentrating on animal-themed accessories, hats, bath mitts, loveys, baby photo props, Amigurumi (stuffed animals).